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About the Project


What Moves You?

Boston's Human Movement Project develops

human-centered dance theatre that functions as a tool for starting community conversations, building empathy, and illuminating untold everyday stories. 

Our projects utilize the talents and lived experiences of our artists to share ideas and find chemistry with an audience. 

We accomplish this in three ways.


Art that tells human stories

Human Movement Project seeks to find both universal themes and outliers in the subject matter where each of us is an expert—our own lives. 

Comedies to tragedies to travesties to the common day-to-day, our projects shine light on what makes our time here meaningful.  

Through contemporary dance, theatre, and light (but sometimes devised text, sport, physical comedy and spoken word), we use whatever feels right for our physical storytelling.



Art that creates "small scale change"

Our performance pieces are vibrant visual questions and conversation starters. By putting universal truths and honest personal stories on stage, we encourage viewers to think about their own connections to the work, and ask them to become curious about their fellow audience members. 

Through talkbacks, low-barrier community programs, and genuine care and consideration for our audience members and the "dance-curious", we foster interest and participation in our art as a means to grow empathy.


Art that acknowledges access through both process and product

We deeply believe that accessibility should be considered at every step in the creative process, versus layered on as an after thought. We strive to have audio-describers, access consultants, and user experts enter the rehearsal room so that we can build access as we build our creative work, ensuring a comparable experience for all attendees.

It’s important to us to consider Boston’s access to live performance on a neighborhood by neighborhood level. With a permanent rehearsal home in Hyde Park, our goal is to keep half of our performances and all of our community programming in the immediate area (Hyde Park, Roslindale, JP, Mattapan), instead of bringing all that we create to other areas that are established artistic districts. We will always provide economically accessible means to attend our events.

DEIA Statement

Pivotal to the humanistic subjects we explore, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility present a complete picture of our world. Considering DEIA is not only important within our art-making process, but also in every aspect of production, performance, and coordinating community events. Our board and artistic staff listen to, learn from, and respect individuals from all walks of life. We strive to celebrate diversity in age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, and physical and mental capabilities of our community members, so that our work can be accessible to all. 

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